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Monitoring with PowerShell: Monitoring RRAS status.

So for my clients I’ve always relied completely on the Microsoft stack – I do not like most VPN appliances but still want to offer a stable SSL VPN for all clients. Enter SSTP, I’ve blogged about SSTP before when looking at DirectAccess or even Always-on VPN.

As with all products, appliances or server I always want to know the current state of the availability. In the case of SSTP VPN on anything higher than Windows Server 2012 we have a lot of PowerShell options available but we’ll only need one – Microsoft’s get-RemoteAccessHealth. When we execute Get-RemoteAccessHealth we get a nice display of the current state of the RRAS services.

Using the script below you can directly monitor the health of the current RRAS server, it’s a simple and short one.

$RRASHealth = Get-RemoteAccessHealth -Refresh | where-object { $_.HealthState -ne "OK"}
if(!$RRASHealth) { $RRASHealth = "Healthy"}

Hope it helps, and as always, Happy PowerShelling!

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