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CyberDrain CTF: Registration Available Now

So this is a little bit different from my regular technical blogs, because I have a cool announcement: The second CyberDrain CTF is now open for registration. The CyberDrain CTF is a free capture the flag style event for MSPs, System Administrators and IT-Pros.

This is a project dear to my heart; It gives everyone that participates and chance to learn new skills, to gain knowledge, or even just prove how good they are. I started the first CyberDrainCTF at the height of the pandemic and noticed the response on it was amazing; a chance to get new skills and learn new technology while at a stressful place was a welcome distraction.

So, what is the event?

During the event you’ll be faced with 40 challenges of varying difficulty. This can be anything from restoring a corrupted NTDS database, to retrieving an email password, or even restoring a Linux virtual machine to a working state. There will be challenges for each skill level and knowledge level, only the very best will be able to finish all challenges.

Each time you complete a challenge you’ll find a piece of text, a URL, an image. This is the ‘flag’ you’ll need to enter on the CTF page The categories for this event are:

  • M365 Management
  • Windows Server Management
  • Windows Client Management
  • Azure Management
  • Linux Management
  • Miscellaneous

Because this is the second time I’ve organised this I’ve also added some challenges that are time-based, and harder challenges. You can win a CyberDrain T-Shirt if you are the first to finish one. For the entire event we also have some amazing sponsors that are giving away prizes to the top 10 of players, as a bit of extra motivation to try and win!

Sounds good! When is it?!

The event registration starts today, but the actual event is 19 of July until 31 of July. You have two weeks to complete and compete in the challenges so you don’t have to worry about needing to take time off or missing the event. If you feel like you need some extra help, get stuck on challenges or just want to talk to other players I suggest joining the MSPGeek Slack and checking out #CyberDrain-CTF.

I’ll also be giving away awards for social media activity, so tweet/linkedin/share/tiktok #CyberDrainCTF 🙂

Thanks to the help of MSPGeek we have space for 1000 players, so let’s fill those slots up and have fun playing! Happy CTFing

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