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Ending the year with PowerShell: Retrospective

I always like December because everyone gets all in the mood to do these retrospectives; and 2020 was crazy for everyone! for my personally it had a heavy loss, but also a lot of positivity. I enjoy looking at the raw numbers to see how far I’ve gotten.

So, show me the numbers!

  • 1 Microsoft MVP Award (and still amazed at it!)
  • 1 MSP(that I know of) that says I’ve saved their business
  • 2 blogs a week, a total of 100 so far this year. 🙂
  • 4 MSP community and business awards.
  • 5 RMM vendors that are implementing my blogs into their products.
  • 19 webinars I joined/led and had so much fun with, Special thanks to the last ones I did this year with Huntress.
  • 15000+ people that watched these webinars.
  • 1254 e-mails from other MSPs, asking for advice, support, or just thank you messages.
  • 400+ MSPs that installed one or more of my Azure Functions
  • 7000+ upvotes on reddit posts relating to MSP stuff 🙂
  • Almost 300000 downloads of my PowerShell modules on the PowerShell Gallery this year!
  • 1.7+ million unique hits on CyberDrain.com!

So what’s next?

Well, I have some time off planned for 3 weeks so you’ll all have to miss me for a little while. I will still but blogging but not on my normal schedule of 2 blogs a week. In the coming year I’m going to be working to bring even more value to both my own MSP and others by trying to break open automation for everyone. I also have plans to create a cool educational Capture the Flag competition for Managed Service providers and/or general System Administration, next to of course my regular blogging and normal community efforts.

I’m also working with Datto to look into a vendor neutral automation/RMM user group and of course I have bigger projects like AzPAM that need some love.

I’m not done blogging by far, and I’m still super excited for what’s to come and the feedback I get from the MSP community is immense. I try to respond to all of your e-mails and messages but don’t always get the chance. I’d like to take this moment to thank you all and hope to see you again next year!

Special end of year thanks

I did the same last year and think it should become a little bit of a regular thing. For this entire year I’d like to thank my darling wife for putting up with me of course, my partners at Lime Networks and others in no particular order;

My friends at Datto: Thank you for our cooperation. I really love seeing vendors that actually love their products and that is so true on the RMM side. 🙂

My friends at Solarwinds: Mostly for the N-Central/RMM upper-management team; I had too much laughs and funs doing the MSP Masterclasses this year. Hopefully next year we can make just as much fun! I’m also going to show up on Luis’s Café Con Luis soon!

MSPGeek and MSPRU: Thanks for all community members. I love talking to you all 🙂

and a direct, and very special thanks to the following people, whom I’m able to call my friends; Jonathan Crowe, Kyle Hanslovan, Gavin Stone, Stan Lee, Maarten, Nick, Aad and of course everyone else I work closely with. 🙂

And that’s it. As always, Happy PowerShelling!

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